London and Scotland

London’s relationship with Scotland has been complex over the years. But then, London has always been a complex city. London is sometimes described as the capital of three nations; it’s the capital of England, of Britain, and of the United Kingdom. All these are separate political entities, and yet they have the same parliament based […]

Why Pray?

In a couple of weeks we’ll have our third Awaken prayer meeting for London, on Wed 21 May 2014. The first one had around 70 people gathered together to pray, and we prayed for the twin cities of London and Westminster. The second was in March, and we specifically prayed for the arts and entertainment […]

2013 Review

What’s been the biggest story in London over the 2013? What issues have altered the city’s spirituality over the past 12 months, and how does that affect how we should be praying for the city? Here’s my suggestion of the biggest issues to touch on London’s spirituality in 2013.