2013 Review

What’s been the biggest story in London over the 2013? What issues have altered the city’s spirituality over the past 12 months, and how does that affect how we should be praying for the city? Here’s my suggestion of the biggest issues to touch on London’s spirituality in 2013.

A Tale of Two Cities

As a city with a fascinating history, there is a deep well of London spirituality that guides our capital, and can inform our intercession for it. Central London actually comprises two cities; the City of London (around 2000 years old) and the City of Westminster (around 1000 years old). These two cities have very different […]

Awaken: New London Prayer Meetings

As Prayer for London we’re teaming up with Sublime, Crossing London, and some other amazing partners to put on a series of regular prayer meetings for London throughout 2014. These are nights for us to come together, spend time worshipping God, and be interceding specifically that He would further His Kingdom across this city. Dates: […]