Here’s a 2013 London prayer, for us all to pray throughout this New Year:

Lord, thank you for your hands of protection and blessing being over our city during 2012. Please guide and protect the cities of London and Westminster during 2013.

Guide and protect our financial sector. May it bring prosperity and wealth for people across the UK and beyond. May it invest money in ethical ventures and businesses. May its wealth fund development, justice and peace, not warfare or criminal activities. May its bankers work with integrity and honesty to serve our global financial system.

Guide and protect our political sector. Give wisdom to our Prime Minister and Government, that they might govern in the national interest. Guide our civil servants as they implement government policy. Guide the House of Commons and the House of Lords, that they might scrutinise and amend legislation so that it brings glory to You and furthers Your Kingdom across this nation.

Guide and protect our legal sector. May it remain independent from political influence, and able to fiercely speak up for truth and justice. Guide all the solicitors, barristers, clerks, and those who prepare and advocate cases – may they work diligently to bring truth and justice to bear in all things. Guide all the judges who make rulings on case law and who lead independent inquiries – may they work with integrity and honesty in all things.

Guide and protect our media sector. May we have journalists who report with honesty and courage, who fight for truth and campaign against corruption, and who do so with responsibility, and a fair respect for privacy. Guide the editors and media owners as they discuss how to implement the Leveson Inquiry recommendations. May they quickly create a solution that gives us a free and responsible press.

Guide and protect our academic sector. Give wisdom to those who lecture in universities. May they responsibly teach and inspire their students. And may those students go on to make contributions to our society that further rather than hinder Your Kingdom.

Guide and protect our entertainments sector. Give London artists a passion for representing truth and beauty, that helps people ultimately see You through their works. May their art shape a society that is entertained and inspired by good, rather than through conflict, sex and violence.

Guide and protect our church. May it continue to grow throughout 2013 in number, in faith, in love, and in knowledge of You. May Your Kingdom reign grow in all the spheres of our national life, and may Your church play its part in making that happen. May we see revival this year and in the coming years across London and Westminster.

Mark Williamson also blogs regularly at One Rock International, a training organisation resourcing missionary leaders across the globe. He’s passionate about good films, good food, getting into deep conversations, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna.