So 2014 is upon us. What should we be praying for London this year? There’s no Diamond Jubilee to celebrate, no Olympics (though the Commonwealth Games are happening in Glasgow), and not much chance of another royal baby. So what is happening in London in 2014? And what should we be praying for?

There is plenty going on. Here’s three suggestions:

  • Crossing London: Throughout 2014 the Crossing London team will be facilitating a year of events aimed at resourcing the church. There’ll be leadership and evangelism training, prayer nights, a rhythm of community events, and opportunities for people to hear the Christian message. Pray that over the coming year, through all that happens, the church grows stronger, becomes more united, and that people come to know Jesus.
  • The financial sector: As banks come under greater scrutiny, and more investigations look at rate fixing, we’ll slowly start to see more transparency within the financial system, and perhaps start to learn other things about how the global monetary system works. Pray that as this happens we’ll see more justice in this sphere; better regulation, more transparency on tax havens, fairer distribution of pay to employees across companies, and money being used to aid development and serve the poorest, rather than simply enriching the richest.
  • A Leveson solution: Over 12 months on from the original report, and we’re still waiting on the implementation of Lord Leveson’s recommendations. All the major political parties, and the Hacked Off group, have now agreed on a system of regulation. It just requires the national newspapers to get on board, but none of them want to sign up. They’re claiming the system would signal the end of the freedom of the press; most other observers disagree with this. Pray that 2014 would be the year a solution is finally agreed upon, and that we have a free and responsible media system.

Pray that 2014 is a year where we see more of God’s justice breaking through in all of the spheres of London life, and where we see more people across the city coming to know Jesus.

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Mark Williamson also blogs regularly for One Rock, a training organisation resourcing missionary leaders across the globe. He’s passionate about good films, good food, getting into deep conversations, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna. You can follow him on Twitter @markraynespark.