As Prayer for London we’re teaming up with Sublime, Crossing London, and some other amazing partners to put on a series of regular prayer meetings for London throughout 2014. These are nights for us to come together, spend time worshipping God, and be interceding specifically that He would further His Kingdom across this city.

Dates: Wed 29 January, Wed 26 March, Wed 21 May, Wed 16 July 2014.
Times: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster, SW1P 3DW

We’ll be praying for the different spheres of London life, for the city and its people as a whole, and by extension for the whole nation. There’ll be two worship bands leading our praise, plus a variety of intercessors leading prayers. People can come for the whole three hours, or just drop in and join us for as much time as they can spare. No prayer is wasted, so come for as long as you can make.

If you want to see millions of people across this society fall in love with Jesus, then come and pray with us.
If you want to see reduced banker bonuses, an end to tax havens, and businesses that care more about serving society rather than simply pursuing profits, then come and pray with us.
If you want politicians of integrity who govern on behalf of the poorest and the least in society, then come and pray with us.
If you want newspapers and journalists that pursue truth rather than gossip, and report the important stories that society needs to hear, then come and pray with us.
If you want our capital to champion theatre and artists that showcase truth and beauty rather than pornography or violence, then come and pray with us.

The full list of partners supporting the events includes:

Crossing London
Global Day of Prayer London
International House of Prayer London
Prayer for London
Scripture Union
Share Jesus International
Urban Saints

It’s time to stand up and pray alongside each other for God’s kingdom to come across this city. Will you join us?

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