Last week we shared the Bishop of London’s Capital 2020 Vision. Since Boris recently released his own vision for the future of London, we thought it only fair to highlight what our Mayor wants to achieve, and use that as a basis for praying for London.

You can see Boris Johnson’s 2020 Vision for London’s Future below:

So here are some prayer points:
Housing: The population of London is increasing, and we already don’t have enough houses for everyone who wants to live here. According to Boris we need to build 400,000 new homes over the next 10 years, preferably in leafy neighbourhoods where people will want to live. Pray that new, affordable housing is built in creative ways, in the communities who most need them, so that Londoners are not priced out of their city.

Transport: By 2020 we could have 200,000 more passengers on public transport. Whatever our preferred project or route, more rail infrastructure is required. More cycle lanes are on the cards, the Mayor wants to see more bus journeys and less car journeys. And the big decision on what to do about airport expansion in the south east is continually being put off. Pray for courage from our politicians in tackling these issues. Pray for wise decisions to be made, that can serve the long term future of the city for the next 50 years, and that also reduce our carbon footprint and make us a greener city.

Jobs: Boris especially highlights the creative, technology and media industries as ones where London currently excels, and can become a global centre. Pray for new jobs to be created, and for them to be filled by women and men of integrity who will use their influence to broadcast truth, humility and godliness. And pray also for those in our financial and political industries, the twin engine rooms of London’s identity. Pray they would use their money and their power to further the Kingdom of Jesus and his kingdom values, across the nation and across the world.

Mark Williamson also blogs regularly at One Rock International, a training organisation resourcing missionary leaders across the globe. He’s passionate about good films, good food, getting into deep conversations, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna.