As we travelled around the City of London on our recent prayer walk, I noticed with fresh eyes the many biblical or Christian inspired inscriptions on some of the most iconic of London’s buildings.

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” is boldly engraved into the décor of the Royal Exchange. The motto of the City of London, visible in many places (not least above the entrance to Guildhall), “Domine Dirige Nos” is translated “Lord, direct us.” Almost all the livery companies of the City of London have mottos that reference God, from “In God is all our trust” (Brewers) to “All worship be to God only” (Fishmongers).

As I reflected on this the words that went through my mind are ‘which Lord?’ I wish somehow that more of these inscriptions were specific in their claim of Jesus as the God and Lord they exalt. I believe God showed this to me so that I could learn to pray a most simple yet profound prayer as I walk through London’s streets. I have taken to saying with each step, ‘Jesus reigns’ or ‘Jesus is Lord’, proclaiming that, as was originally intended, Jesus would be the Lord and God of all these structures and governing bodies in our city.

As I joined with hundreds of worshipers at the recent London’s Burning event convened to pray for London as we host the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, the theme seemed to resonate with what God was already saying to me. The event was primarily committed to worship of Jesus as Lord, which would prepare the way for Jesus to come in power and be enthroned as God in our city.

I am convinced that this is a key time for London and I believe that as Christians one of the most powerful things we can do is declare Jesus as Lord over our lives, over our churches and over our city.

“Jesus we proclaim that You are Lord and King over London and that we desire for You to come and reign here! Your will be done and Your kingdom come in our city. Amen.”

JoyJoy Da Costa has been involved in running Pentecost Festival in London for the last couple of years, and currently works as Local Festivals Coordinator for SJI. She loves Arsenal, Jesus, parties and prayer. Not necessarily in that order!