Over the last couple of years many of the different spheres of influence around central London have been rocked by scandals, with many individuals removed from power and major changes made within work cultures. Could this be something that God has a hand in? A couple of years ago there was a prophecy circulating in London that God would be removing many leaders from an older generation, and replacing them with younger leaders who would be closer to His heart. Many applied this to be relevant to the Church, but has it had a wider application across society?

Over the past few years we have seen caught up in scandal:

The Bankers: The financial crisis of 2008 led to a huge backlash against the high risk loan-making culture that brought the world economy to its knees, and therefore against the bankers perceived to be at the heart of the problem. Ever since, working in a financial institution has become a by-word for unpopularity.

The Politicians: In 2009 The Daily Telegraph broke the expenses scandal, and politicians from all parties were vilified for claiming huge amounts over their salaries. Four MPs and two peers ended up in prison, and the 2010 general election saw the largest number of MPs retire in modern history, with so many realising they were unlikely to gain the public’s trust again.

The Journalists: In 2011 the phone hacking scandal engulfed first the News of the World, then the other News International publications, and finally resulted in the Leveson Inquiry into media standards across the whole of the British press. The media’s ethics and culture were investigated, followed by their relationship with the police, and with politicians. The full fall-out will only become clear when the Inquiry publishes its recommendations.

In 2012 will there be another sphere shaken? Will the lawyers take their turn in being sifted for their integrity? Pray for those who interpret and administer our legal system, that they would remain free from corruption, and realise their role in serving our society.