Prayer for London encourages prayer for revival and transformation. We long to see huge numbers of people coming to know Jesus across the city (revival) and to see the key spheres of central London operating under Kingdom values (transformation).

We hope to inform the pray-ers, and inspire the non-pray-ers, through blogs, guided walks and events listings. Will you join us in praying for revival across the city and transformation of the key spheres?

Why London?

Central London, the area roughly covered by the cities of London and Westminster, is a hugely influential area. It contains many of the key spheres that shape our culture and influence our national life. It’s where the key decisions are taken in Politics and Business, in Media and in Law, and it has a less dominant but still important role in Arts and Academia. Prayer for London encourages informed and strategic prayer for these spheres, and also for the seventh sphere of the Church.

Recent scandals across London (bankers rigging LIBOR, politicians fiddling expenses, journalists involved in phone hacking) show that we need to be praying more for these spheres. What would our nation be like if we saw the presence of Jesus transforming each of these spheres and the Kingdom of God realised in them?

Why Prayer?

Prayer is essential if we are to see the advance of the Kingdom of God. Good leadership, biblical teaching, unity in the church – these things are all powerful and necessary too – but prayer is integral if we are to see God change a city, and a nation.

Prayer always precedes revival. For 10 years before the 1904 Welsh revival Evan Roberts prayed daily for his nation. Prior to the incredible Hebridean awakenings of the 1940s and 1950s a group of faithful, committed pray-ers came together to ask for God to visit their community afresh. And in the New Testament, the believers prayed constantly for ten days following Jesus’ ascension, and on the 11th day the Holy Spirit transformed everything at Pentecost. Prayer always precedes revival.

From this website you  can see listings of prayer events going on across the city, and read up on what others are saying and praying via the blog. You can also book walking tours around London, where you can learn more about the heritage of different areas and key buildings within the city, and pray for what goes on inside them. Do get involved. Add your voice to the London prayers being said over the city.


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