A very interesting looking film on tax avoidance and the City of London is slowly starting to creep higher in the public consciousness.

Journalist and Labour activist Mark Donne has got together with Father William Taylor, a vicar from Hackney, to look more into the City’s role as the centre of an international hub of tax havens. The City has at various times been described as the biggest tax haven in the world, but it seems God is now beginning to shine a new light on all that happens there.

Have a look at the film’s trailer:

And then visit their web page here to see when a screening might be taking place near you.

After the recent criticisms of Google, Amazon and Starbucks (amongst others) the topic of tax avoidance has started to gain more interest. Pray that all companies and all individuals would pay their fair share into the tax system. Pray for those trying to shine a spotlight on what takes place within the City. And pray for greater transparency amongst the companies and institutions within the Square Mile.

Mark Williamson also blogs regularly at One Rock International, a training organisation resourcing missionary leaders across the globe. He’s passionate about good films, good food, getting into deep conversations, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna.