A Wesley prayer walk that traces some of the key places and moments in John Wesley’s spiritual awakening and London ministry. Sights include St Paul’s Cathedral, old Newgate prison, Fetter Lane, Aldersgate Street and Wesley’s Chapel.

The Wesley prayer walk begins at Chancery Lane tube station, ends at Wesley’s Chapel, and generally lasts two hours.

John Wesley returned from America in early 1738 as a failed missionary. His subsequent meeting with God and changed life led to an incredible ministry of preaching in prisons, public parks, churches and homes, and to the birth of the Methodist Church. Over the next 53 years he constantly toured England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to preach the gospel, but London remained his most familiar home. It was the city where he went to school, had his conversion experience where his heart was “strangely warmed”, where the first Methodist Society meeting began, and where he died in 1791. Come and relive the story and walk in the footsteps of a man whose obedience brought a spiritual renewal across the British Isles, and a legacy of scriptural holiness around the world.

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