Westminster Prayer Walk

The Westminster prayer walk begins outside Westminster Abbey, ends outside Buckingham Palace, and generally lasts around two and a half hours.

City of Westminster

Explore 1000 years of English history, and the role of Christianity in our political system


A Westminster prayer walk through this royal and holy city, exploring the history of the English monarchy, the growth of the Westminster system of government, and an opportunity to pray for the current Prime Minister, Cabinet and batch of MPs. Sights include Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, St James’s Park, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

Westminster began with a small church in the marshy area of Thorney, on the banks of the River Thames. Over time the church became a Benedictine monastery, and then an abbey. It received royal patronage when the royal family built a palace next door. And so this place of worship became the seat of royal power, and remains the centre of political power in the UK.

As the de facto capital of the nation, Westminster contains the headquarters of over 20 major government departments, of parliament itself, the Supreme Court, and the official residences of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It also retains its strong royal connections, with several royal palaces, and many sites of former royal homes.

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