Last week I found these two excellent little videos that explain much of the uniqueness of the Square Mile, so I thought I’d share them here with you all. They’re also timely since last week the new Lord Mayor of London was officially installed in his post. If you want to know what hoops to jump through if you too want to one day become Lord Mayor of the City of London, the second video lists it all in detail for you.

As far as I can tell the only incorrect detail is that Freemasons Hall, the HQ of freemasonry in England, is actually in Westminster rather than the City of London, though the first Freemason meeting did take place in the City, just opposite St Pauls Cathedral. Apart from that it’s all correct.

I too am not a believer in all the conspiracy theories about a reptilian monarchy and a new world order. But the City does play a key role in financing the global economy. See Gog and Magog and London Dragons for more of my take on the spirituality of the city, and what we should be praying over it.

For an intro to the City of London, watch video 1 here.

For a succinct explanation on how to become Lord Mayor of the City, watch video 2 here.

Pray that God would bring wisdom to those trying to uncover the secrets of the City. Pray that truth would be easily discernible from conspiracy theory, and that God would be Lord over this city.

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