Wilberforce Prayer Walk

A walk that tells the remarkable story of the campaign to abolish the slave trade

A Wilberforce prayer walk through the heart of the City of London, exploring some of the key places involved with the slave trade and its abolition. Sights include the Bank of England, St Mary Woolnoth, 2 George Yard, Jamaica Coffee House, the original Lloyds Coffee House, and Lloyds of London.

William Wilberforce fought an eighteen year parliamentary campaign to get the transatlantic slave trade abolished. And while the battleground for this fight was the House of Commons in Westminster, the vested business interests that Wilberforce fought against were based in the City. The West Indian traders based in Jamaica Coffee House and the officials of the East India Company were the ones who opposed the abolition, and it was they who Wilberforce finally prevailed against. Learn the incredible story of how a small group of friends took on the financial system of their day, and won a great victory for justice.

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Wilberforce Prayer Walk

The Wilberforce prayer walk begins outside Bank, ends on Leadenhall Street, and generally takes two hours.